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How far you can go for your Cup of Coffee ??

[21 Jan 2012 ,3:05 Hrs ] Location: CCD Somewhere on Mysore Road
Since quite a long time i was not able to hang out. Most of the Saturday / Sundays were gone simply by sleeping all the time. But there were some other reasons as well. And the most important reason was one of our Local Friend named Praveen Kumar aka Dino is getting married next month. So on weekends he was busy with his family. Mr Dino  is 6 foot 4 inch tall guy, who knows almost all the places (from our point of view) in bangalore.

Yeah Yeah.. He is 6foot 4 inch. So if i tried to add his pic here, this blog will never come to an end. 🙂
Anyways i m still trying to upload one pic of him, so that you can understand why people call him Dino.
[Highly Compressed pic]

On 21st Jan night i was surfing internet , as entire day i was sleeping. Well this is a heredity that i got from my Hostel life. So it comes naturally.
Suddenly i got to know about this CCD on Mysore road which is arnd 90 Km from our place. And my lust for coffee provoked.
I called up Dino and told him about his plans and he said you are crazy.Well he never liked my last minute plans, for him i am a real Psycho. 🙂 🙂 He was telling me if you want to go, you should have told me earlier atleast in the morning.  And yeah it was bit late.. i made this plan at around 11pm. But i am always like this only. and i loved it always. Well finally Mr. Dino got agreed and came to our place at 1am. 😀 😀

So from my place we were total 5 friends heading towards CCD and the only reason was my lust for coffee
and night out. As we move in our Santro (Mr Dino dont mind), we put the radio on and some lovely Hindi songs were there to accompanied us all the way. Some where down the we got this in our way..

[Big Brother]

I have never seen this sized tanker before in my life . It has covered the entire road. We all were wondering if this tanker (or whatever it was) would have come in the traffic in day time, how the traffic will move.
Because this huge buddy was moving as slow as his size. :)) So we thought this buddy deserves to get a place in my blog.. (may be u are not impressed by its back pic, but it was real huge if u would have saw it from front).

Meanwhile inside our car…

[ Day Dreamer Satya ]


Finally we reached to our destination by 3:00 am and this was full of crowd even
at that time, well i expected that. The place was real awesome. It was the best thing to happen in the middle of nowhere.

Finally we order our cup of coffee and stayed there for more than 2hrs, finally we left at arnd 5:15 am and reached our home by 6:30am in the morning. During the entire i was kept thinking about how Praveen’s (aka Dino) parents gave him permission at 1 am in the morning. Eventually Dino itself told him that he came without telling his parents, but this doesn’t give any relive to Me, because now i was wondering what if his parents woke up and they found their son and car missing !!! 😀 😀

But yeah.. my 1st night out in bangalore was quite good. CCD and me always has a bonding. I have some of my great memories here. I will always cheer each and every moments i had spent in Cafe Coffee Day , and this outing was one more add on to all of them.

Rest of the story….

[Finally with our cup of Coffee]

                                            [Neeraj -SAP Victim]  

So how far you think you can go for your cup of coffee !!! 🙂 🙂

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I believed i can Fly….. and i was Flying !!

I just love it here in Bangalore. Its just amazing. We work hard for the entire week and on weekends we try out new stuffs. Bangalore is full of life. Basically the winds of Bangalore ……… are just AWESOME !!! When you come to your place after a busy schedule, just go out on the terrace stand there for a min and the winds will take care of your stress and mood. Surely you can say that u will get this in many part of our country,but you’ll never get it each and everyday throughout the year.And what makes it more special , in summer it started raining here. So even the summers of Bangalore are pretty cool. And not just this, in this pretty cool weather you have lots of  adventures and places to explore. Just a few weeks back i tried Para-sailing !!! Have a look…

I was hanging with a rope at  height of 30-40 ft. And believe me it wasn’t scary at all. After that 3 min ride on that para suit the 1st thing that comes out of my mouth was , ” Lets do it again ” . I was enjoying watching the view  of Bangalore from sky and the feel of that speedy wind that was touching my face and trying to take me away with its flow. Overall its a great adventure. There are two adventure i really wanna do in my life-
Sky Diving and Bungee jumping. Let see when i will get chance to try out. Just hope that i will enjoy that too.  :))

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Zindagi Enjoy Maadi !!

Finally i am back with my new post. I was trying to write this post  long back but finally today i got time for it. Most of you are still confused with the Title of this new post. Well it shows my current language problem.
As i already told you that these days i am a PAID Engineer. So a lot of interesting things has happened between my previous post and this post like 1st Experience of Flight,1st Salary , 1st Para-gliding experience, 1st encounter with swimming ,1st Bug fix etc..

 Before i will lost again into those feels,i will prefer to explain the Title.Well as basically i belong to Lucknow(part of North India) where people use Hindi as the primary language. Then i move to Delhi where English is generally used . After that Bangalore, where none of both is a primary language.
So when i came here to Bangalore, i have already gained some confidence on my English (i.e.  specifically Hinglish). During the 1st month of  my stay in Bangalore i thought my English speaking skill would surely improve here, as in Bangalore  Kannada is the primary language. So for me its easy to communicate in English than in Kannada itself (That is actually a very weird language , specially the letters of Kannada , all looks like  same like the English letter “w” ). So i was so happy that finally in Bangalore i might actually work on my English.
But everything has its own pros and cons,so do Bangalore. These days rather than improving my English skills ,my main concern is to save my original Hindi accent( at least a bit of it). As i  am on the verge of  loosing all of  my  original Hindi accents. Because people here do understand Hindi but to make them understand so, i have to use specific Hindi ‘terms’ in some ‘weird tone’ .Hence forth these days my language is a mix breed of English, Hindi and Kannada. And that title is the outcome of that. That title simply means  “enjoy life”. ( maadi is a Kannada word that means “Karo”)
And that is the message of this blog also, no matter how hard is life on  you there is always a way to enjoy it.
Enjoy it in a way that one day when you will be in your 60’s and you look back to your life you won’t have any regret on it.
So once again… Zindagi Enjoy Maadi !! :))) :))))
Life is a best friend when you get what you want, and a teacher when you don’t.

Under Paulo’s Mania

Yes thats true Mr. S is influenced by Paulo Coelho these days. I had read “The Alchemist” for more than 6 times now and still finding it interesting enough to start and read. Even on returning from Bangalore just 2 days back i read it during the journey. I  am following his blogs too. Just love the way This Man’s fiction inspire for life.
The main motive of this blog is just to share some outstanding Short Stories from his blogs…Must Read.
Hope you all like it too.So Here i go with some simple copy paste. He he 😀 :)))

The Task [My Favourite]


 A man was sleeping at night in his cabin when suddenly his room filled with light. An angel appeared, showed a large rock in front of his cabin and asked him to push against the rock with all his might.
This the man did, day after day. For many years he toiled from sun up to sun down, his shoulders set squarely against the cold, massive surface of the unmoving rock.
Nothing happened. And he decided to make it a matter of prayer.
“Lord I have labored long and hard in your service, putting all my strength to do that which you have asked. Yet, after all this time, I have not even been able to budge that rock. What is wrong? Why am I failing?”
The angel appeared again :
“My friend, I told you that your task was to push against the rock with all your strength. Never once did I mention to you that I expected you to move it. And now you come to me with your strength spent, thinking that you have failed. But, is that really so?”
“Look at yourself. Your arms are strong and muscled, your back sinewy and brown, your hands are callused from constant pressure, and your legs have become massive and hard.
“Through opposition you have grown much and your abilities now surpass that which you used to have.
“You learned the importance of discipline and training,
” This you have done. Now it is my turn, my task.”
And the angel moved the rock, showing to the man a beautiful path ahead.

narcissus, caravaggio, alchemist

2)  The Alchemist picked up a book that someone in the caravan had brought.Leafing through the pages, he found a story about Narcissus.
The Alchemist knew the legend of Narcissus, a youth who daily knelt beside a lake to contemplate his own beauty. He was so fascinated by himself that, one morning, he fell into the lake and drowned.
At the spot where he fell, a flower was born, which was called the narcissus.
But this was not how the author of the book ended the story. He said that when Narcissus died, the Goddesses of the Forest appeared and found the lake, which had been fresh water, transformed into a lake of salty tears.
“Why do you weep?” the Goddesses asked.
“I weep for Narcissus,” the lake replied.
“Ah, it is no surprise that you weep for Narcissus,” they said, “for though we always pursued him in the forest, you alone could contemplate his beauty close at hand.”
“But….. was Narcissus beautiful?” the lake asked.
“Who better than you to know that?” the Goddesses said in wonder, “After all, it was by your banks that he knelt each day to contemplate himself!”
The lake was silent for some time. Finally it said:
“I weep for Narcissus, but I never noticed that Narcissus was beautiful. I weep because, each time he knelt beside my banks, I could see, in the depths of his eyes, my own beauty reflected.”
“What a lovely story,” the Alchemist thought.

3) Memories and salt

‘You look miles away,’ says an old man, joining me on the bench.I arrive in Madrid at eight o’clock in the morning. I will only be here a few hours, so it’s not worth phoning friends and arranging to see them. I decide to go for a walk alone in my favourite places, and I end up sitting smoking a cigarette on a bench in the Retiro Park.
‘Oh, I’m here,’ I say, ‘but I’m sitting on this same bench with a painter friend of mine, Anastasio Ranchal, 24 years ago in 1986. We are both watching my wife, Christina, who has had a bit too much to drink and is trying to dance the flamenco.’
‘Enjoy your memories,’ says the old man.
‘But don’t forget that memory is like salt: the right amount brings out the flavour in food, too much ruins it. If you live in the past all the time, you’ll find yourself with no present to remember.’


Mission Accomplised !!!

What will you do when you are at a point of living your dream?? You just achieved your dream what will be your next step?? You tried so hard for something in your life and you achieved that. Whats next??? Are u still excited ???
Well today i am at the same point, i am living my dream. I am not talking about the Biggest Dream of one’s life. But there are always a list And i achieved one from my list. Just a day back i got an Job Offer from a better company than my previous one.

I came to Bangalore after getting my 1st job offer so that i could get the job i always dreamed for. And i have only 10 days for it. I was on a Mission to get a job of my kind within 10 days !!!
During the time of my 1st year in B.Tech i dreamed that i’ll get a job in Bangalore as Software Developer and i’ll clear it through off campus. And here i am standing right in a way of realising my dream!!

Yes it is.. I got a Job in Bangalore as Software Developer in one of the world’s Top 500 Company. Is’nt dat excited ?? What is better than ,getting a job you always want,at a place you always wanna be and at an attractive salary. What else left?? I was so excited , so happy when i got the offer. The only thing that i missed at that point,  my family, my friends and also the person who loved me most. I really missed them all. I missed my best friends.
But they were not here. They were all too far.
Today i realized one thing, Success isn’t everything. Success is an Important aspect of life but its nothing when you don’t have anyone to share it.
Success has to be celebrate otherwise it will not give you Happiness. And for happiness you need your family ,friends and your loved one’s.
I am still not lucky enough to be with any one of them.

Hope i’ll be with my family , my best friends and my loved one’s quite soon to celebrate my success. Want to hug them all for being a part of my life.

So never ignore the people who always stand by your side when you are a looser. Because they are the reason for you to make a Winner. They are the person who celebrate your success in true means !!!

Even though its not the biggest dream of my life but it is that small step or small success that will bring me close to my Biggest Dream. 


God is There even in the worst Despair…

Never loose hope no matter what it takes. Spend each moment of life as if you wont have any regret for that later.Yeah i know i am not telling anything new ,it is something that is already said by many Great people in this world.But these days my life is telling me and keep teaching me these things. 
Before continuing to this blog i want to tell that I got my 1st Offer letter for Job at a prestige software firm. And the best thing that happened with me was not that i only got the job, the best thing is that me and my 2 best buddies got their offer letter 3 days back to back.It wasn’t a coincidence that the 3 of us got their respective offer letter on 3 days back to back (10th,11th and 12th of Nov 2010). So the was the end of our struggle days.

7th Nov 2010
The day i got my call letter for interview on 9th from HCL, i made my reservation for the same. But it wasnt easy as it seems like. Just because of Diwali season i wasnt able to get any bus or train for my native place.
So i got my reservation in an AC bus from Kanpur( to Delhi).

8th Nov 2010
As soon as i reached  kanpur, i got a call from another software firm( not as famous as HCL) that i cleared my written exam and i have to be there on 9th Morning at 8:30 am( Here is the Clash ). Same day 2 calls for interview. It was tough to decide what to choose and what to loose beacuse i was sure about one thing that
if i choosed that small software firm i would surely got this job( cost 1.2 lac) . But i wasn’t sure about my performance for HCL. So one wrong choice could be the biggest one. Some how i choose HCL don’t know why. May be because i dont want to look back and go back to Lko because i came so far.
Entire journey i was thinking what if i wont get selected for HCL, then the entire day will cost me a total loss of 3.9 lac. (2.7+1.2).

9th Nov 2010
My reporting time was 9:30 am sharp at HCL, noida.  and the expected arrival time of bus was 5 am in the morning. But things are not in my favour once again history repeat itself and my bus reached Noida by 11 am.
I was so pissed off. I reached to my friend’s place and just wash my face, brush my teeth ,wear the formals and rushed for my interview. i didnt even took the bath. and the worst of all my shirt was so crushed.
Nyways i managed to reached at the venue by 11:30am. Thank God nothing was started yet.
Time of interview was postponed till 12:30 pm because of some meeting at there center. I got relieved but just for few minutes. As soon as i got relieved, i went to wash room just to see how i was look like.

My Look
 The worst of all time. Everything your father told you not to do not to wear during interview i did all.
Starting from my face, shave of around 3 days old, crushed Shirt, sports shoes instead of formal black shoes.
long rough hairs hold by the help of water, dusty face. When i saw myself i thought i would never be able to clear HR Interview because of my looks. and best of all i didnt slept from last 24 hours. so i was feeling so tired.
But destiny holds something different for me.

Well there were 3 rounds
1st Communication ( an easy one)
2nd Technical ( thats a tricky one)
3rd HR( a formal interview)

My interview started at 6 pm.Somehow i managed to clear all the three rounds. I have to say this when i was giving my 1st round just before the time of declaring result i was in such despair that i packed all the docs in my Docs bag and was ready to move outside from there. But when the lady declared my name and said my to wait i got the 1st positive sign of that day. i felt a bit confident for the 1st time on that day.
2nd round was the most entertaining technical interview of my life till now, i lady who was taking my interview was no less than any angel, A girl wid damn Fair complexion wearing a dark red color formal shirt and black velvet color trousers. God… She was damn Beautiful !!! but still incapable to take all of my consciousness.
It was quite a great time inside that small cabin. Every time she laughed, it made the environment of that room more comfortable and more living.Yes she had laughed many times because we( 2 people at a time for interview) made her laugh by our great sense of humor. I managed to impressed her by my logical abilities.
and i was through that round. Finally called for my HR round and there the lady was only discussing me about my job profile and all. So i came with nothing and got back with an Offer letter in my hands.
I was happy not because mainly because i got the job,but because my decision was right.
There was a time when i was in bus in the morning ( i was getting late) and also at the center when i was in despair that i was loosing my faith on God. But soon after saying that i felt HIS presence in this world.
This is not the 1st time that i felt HIS presence. But that day it was bit different and i loved that feeling.

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The Thinking Process…

Hey What the heck is going on??? Is there no job left for me?? Where should i go Man?? Why i am not getting bored by living same monotonous life?? What are my shortcomings?? What the hell is going wrong with Me??Is there anybody who can help me finding my mistakes?? ……….. …….

ohh ohh don’t get screwed , these are nly ‘some’ of the thoughts that are going on my mind these days??(all the questions came at sudden without taking any break) And i kept on trying to find the answers, and every time i ended up with a nice QUOTE in my mind that gives me some motivation.For example:- As now i am among the only few college buddies(or say d only one) who did’nt get any job till now, so when someone like ‘me’ asked me whats going on your mind? what will we do now?? apni tho kismat hi pandu hai beta kuch nai ho sakta apna??Kya karen bhai??I responsed to them ,”Jinke sapne bade hote hai unhe pura hone mein thoda time lagta hai. and they all left with only one thing “wah bhai kya baat boli hai” . See my mind’s responsive power. Hehehe.Thing is I don’t want anyone to loose hope for their life and opt wrong choices, so i keep on telling them (and also myself) that everything is gonna be alright.
Well even though i said earlier that these thoughts keeps me preoccupied till i wont find an answer, things changed when i found myself in front of an Interviewer. Just today only a few hours back i was sitting in front of an Interviewer who was testing my English and communication skills. And she finally told me You are good enough,just need some improvement. The only problem is that your Thought process is not quick.  
What an irony !!!
 Where the Hell were my thoughts Mr Mind?? Where the hell you got busy when i need you to think?? I am talking to you Mr Mind.What the heck you start doing when i need the answers??

Anyways.. I managed to impressed her and i got qualified for my next round, which is telephonic and will conduct in a few days. Apart from this i am also thinking about the topics on which i can continue my blogs. Hope quite soon i will find  new topic for my blog( if Mr. mind will be there for me).

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The Judgement Day

Morning 20th October

Well in the morning i woke up early at around 6 am.( actually i woke up several time in order to check whether the train reached or not). Finally the train managed to reach the station at 7:45 am. I ran fast to catch up the Bus of AFSB , in a hope that it would still be dere.But the bus had already gone from MCO. Picked an Auto and askd him to take me to AFSB-1. Meanwhile i was looking around at the places. And the city was quite intresting.The  More i was getting inside the city the more i started liking it. Nice weather,clean and well managed roads and girls ofcourse.I asked auto driver to borrow me his cell so that i could made a call to my dad.(as my cell was already discharged) He just offered me without any hesitation. He droped me at AFSB-1.And here 1st time ever i enterd a place i had always dreamed of. I felt like the part of any Movie. (Thought of Hrithik in Lakshay) 🙂 The environment over there was quite Energitic. I showed them my call up letter and they askd me to fill up the Personal Information Form. There i met one of my friend.Soon after that chest no were given to us and now we are the part of that Selection board (atleast for some time). We entered into a class for our test.

PABT- The Test
The president of that selection board itself came over there to give us short intro about that Test. He took a full on 45 min class and told us about the Insturment and how to read those instrument (they were treating us like a fresher). The entire test was depend upon what he told us in that 45 min class.He told us about 6 instruments but somehow i only understand 5 of them.There were two sections ,one was 15 questions (in 12 min) and another one was 60 questions (in 20 min).I did 9 out of 15 and 49 out of 60. i did good enough. But the only problem was the 2nd paper was solely based on the Instrument that i couldnt understand.

I still have some hope regarding the paper. Soon after that we were told to move out and wait for result.
People over there just divided into groups and every group have there own story. Most of them were talking about where they would go if they wont get selected. i was just busy watching around. One friend of mine(named Ankur) was a very talkative guy.And he kept on talking and telling me a different story about his college friends and all ( i was merely intrested  but still listining to him) .
Finally the result came up. They asked us to get sorted in the queue as per our Chest No’s. Finally he (The Command Officer) started calling chest no of the guys who got selected. 1,3,5 ,7,8,11,13, 15,…..,17
WTF??? where the hell was 16. There must be some mistake !!! Please check the list again. My heart was saying things like dat because that was my Chest No.
I wasnt selected. 35 out of 49 got selected in the first round. dat doesnt effect me at all. i was in despair. I dont want to look like dat, but yes i was in despair.
Then the commanding officer came to us and told us,
” This is not the end of the world . I can see, you guys looks fit. So Dont give up. I know from now on you people cant go for  Flying branch in any of Indian Armed force. but you people can still go for other Branches. There are other branches and post with same adventure and Ranks. So dont give up. Do come Back, i want to see all of you people here again.”

1st time ever i was  getting any motivating speech like dis after  Failure, i mean i had been through a lot of recruitment process but no Company  said this to those who couldn’t make there 1st or 2nd round or so.
But the truth was his Motivating speech doesnt help me at all,it rather hit me like a stone. Because like everybody i do know the fact that… This was the end of the world, now i can never be a PILOT in any Armed Force. That was the only truth.
After that they offered us the Lunch and also the Fare for return trip as well. Formalities were done as expected. I found only few people depressed like me rest of them actually  didnt realize what they have lost.
And when i realize what i have lost, i got depressed. I just didnt found the reason why i was feeling that much bad because that was’nt something i was always looking for, or something i prepared myself for.
But that still sucks and Hurts me, because there only i realize this thing first time in my life..
” I dont deserve to be the BEST”.And there only i felt that, what one feels when one lost somthing that only happen “Once in a Lifetime”. And for me this was the 2nd  Best thing of this category that i loose.

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Day before The Judgement Day

Its been 113 Days 11 hours and countless secs now ,since i cleared out my final Grads. exams. I have  appeared for lot of interviews ranging from Top Most IT Companies to the Unknown one’s also.
No Success till now.
I wasn’t depressed by any of these unsuccessful stories (except 1) of my life. By all the means i keep myself motivated for the Upcoming chances , precisely for the better ones.
 But this was the story till yesterday. Yesterday or just 30 hours back a result hits me badly. And i really felt bad. Finding no motivation that works for me.
Morning, 19 October,2010
I packed my bag and filled it up with all the necessary things for the journey along with my Original Educational documents.  I was so excited for this Trip or for my 1st and Last call for Air Force Selection Board for Pilots Aptitude Battery Test.( It was my 1st call that was going to attend for any Indian Armed Force and also the last one because  of age limits.)
Moreover PABT itself is an Once in a lifetime Exam.  I have to Report at Dehradun Railway Station at 0700hours on 20th Oct. And i planned my trip in a way that i would reach there by late night on 19th.
Reached Bus station at 8:45 am. And i got my 1st sign that things wont be easy today as i was expecting them. There i came to know that the only bus for Dehradun had already left and rest the timings wont suits me. So i got the 1st bus for Bariely. I wasnt an A.C. bus nor any Deluxe bus. It was the one of the most unreliable buses of UPSRTC. I opt this bus because as per the Bus Authorities i will get buses for Dehradun from Bariely at regular intervals.Anyways i got my seat and buy an Outlook (1st time ever), so that i can work on my General awareness for interviews. During journey i did only 3 things plugged the ear phones of my walkman into my ears,read that Outlook (that always looked unintresting to me), and sleeping(managed to). Reached Bariely Bus Station at 4:45 pm ( Expected time was 3 pm)
Evening 19 October ,2010
There i came to know that i was at wrong bus station( sign no 2) and i have to go for the other one bus stand. I went over there look around for buses to Dehradun. Felt relieved when i saw some buses for Haldwani.
Asked the Help counter for Buses to Dehradun and he told me it will take 11 hours from here to reach Dehradun and the Bus timing was 10:30 pm. ( I was like….. now i wont be able to reach there.
And my dad will surely Kill me if i told him that m coming back home because i could n’t got the right bus thanks to my Laziness. )
I decided not to give up and reached to Dehradun at any cost, i asked for other options and one old man told me you can opt for train, but still there is no surety that i would reach on time, as the earlist train will reach there by 6:45 am but only if it was on Time. ( Indian Raliways where getting late is a Tradition )
At railways station ( Sign no 3) i got to know that there is no reservation available for that day and  to go i have to go from General ( Wildest Dream for me).
Nyways i still dare to travel. I buy a General ticket and nyhow managed to get a seat in Sleeper coach after  making a long and Costly conversation with Ticket examiner.
 Started Waiting for Morning that holds a future for me.( atleast i thought so)